Ancestors of
 Gertrude Ida TROTTER (FLUHARTY) (1912-2004)
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Gertrude's mother, Nina Gray Trotter Fluharty, around 1910. Nina is 18 years old in this photo, which was taken in Canon City, Colorado. It was likely made soon after her marriage to James Arthur Trotter. James' parents lived in or near Canon City at this time (Fremont , Co.). James and Nina would make their newliwed home in Ordway, Colorado--90 miles down the Arkansas River from Canon City.

Gertrude Ida Trotter (right) with brothers James Arthur Trotter, Jr. (1914-2005) at left and infant Delbert H. Trotter (1918-1922), middle. Photo taken in 1919.

Gertrude (right) with her mother Nina Gray Trotter Fluharty and siblings James (left) and Delbert (middle). This photo was taken around 1920.

Gertrude, around 1930. This photo is of Gertrude at her first job after High School graduation. She was a bookeeper working on a cattle ranch in New Mexico..

Gertrude Ida Trotter Fluharty.

Nina and Gertrude in El Paso, Texas, 1944.

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