Ancestors of
 James "Jim" Byrne Hammond (1912-2007)
Last updated August 2007

Jim Hammond (middle) in 1941 while training for his World War II deployment at Camp Forrest, near Tullahoma, Tennessee. To the right (Jim's left) is his younger brother Albert "Bud" Leroy Hammond, Jr. (Individual at left is unidentified)

Jim and Gertrude in 1943, soon after their marriage in August. They used this photo on the front of their 1943 Christmas cards.

October 25, 1945 telegraph from Jim to Gertrude informing her of his safe arrival back to the US from the World War II Pacific Theater.

Jim Hammond--maybe 1960s?

Jim and Gertrude, 1999.

An overview of James Byrne Hammond's known ancestors as of this update. Detailed information available via the links at the top of this page.

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