Church Records

The official church records comprise a significant portion of this book.  They are given here as transcribed in 1967 from the originals by Ann Etheridge Veazey, the then Ashley County Librarian at that time.  The accompanying page number of the Veazey transcription is carried, with this work for reference.  Note the original spelling and punctuation is carried to the extent possible; this is required to preserve the historicity of the original document.  However, doing so results in some challenges.  For instance, a conscious effort has been made to index names according to their original spelling, which requires the reader to also search for possible spelling permutations.  There are also instances where it is probable that Ms. Veazey has made a typographical error, in which case best judgment has been used to correct these likely transcription errors.  Finally, I have undoubtedly made errors as well.

The records are presented in the same page order as given by Veazey.  The original records are comprised of three volumes, with each volume having a membership roll.  Volume I, the most historically significant, covers the period from May 1859 to September 1886.  Volume II continues through 1913, and finally Volume III to 1927.  Each volume has an accompanying membership roll, which has been provided as a separate section below.

I have also opted to not comment on the relationship and information on particular people mentioned in the records.  This information is best obtained by referencing the “Early Families of Mt. Olive Baptist Church” chapter of this book and the associated name index.  Note that Ms. Veazey’s parenthetical comments on individuals have been maintained from her original transcription, where she often elaborates on the relationships of her family, the Etheridge’s.