Historical Maps of Ashley County, Arkansas

These maps may only be used for privite, non-profit purposes. Most are from the collection of David Rumsey.

Historical maps tell an interesting story. They provide reference points in time of the creation and demise of rural communities as well as the transportation and communication routes. The relative significance of a community may be noted by its inclusion (or absence) on a map. It must be remembered that this "significance" is in the eyes of the cartographer, which may be swayed by many different interests. Several Ashley County communities may be found on these maps that are no longer referenced on contemporary maps.

Ashley County was established in 1848, twelve years after Arkansas became a state in 1836. Maps prior to 1848 are provided for the region that was to become Ashley County. Each of the map images is a crop from the referenced map.

Publication Year
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A New Map of Arkansas with its Canals, Roads & Distances by H.S. Tanner. Entered ... 1833 by H.S. Tanner ... Pennsylvania. Published by H.S. Tanner Philadelphia. (above neat line) Tanner's Universal Atlas.

Arkansas. Entered ... 1844 by Sidney E. Morse and Samuel Breese ... New York. (New York: Published by Harper & Brothers, 1845

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Cram's Rail Road & Township Map of Arkansas. Published by Geo. F. Cram. Proprietor of the Western Map Depot. 66, Lake St. Chicago Ills. 1875.
Arkansas by Frank A. Gray, O.W. Gray & Son, Philadelphia, 1876
Department of The Interior General Land Office J.A. Williamson, Commissioner. State of Arkansas. 1878. Compiled from the official Records of the General Land Office and other sources by C. Roeser, Principal Draughtsman G.L.O. Photolith & print by Julius Bien 16 & 18 Park Place N.Y.
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New Railroad and Township Map of Arkansas from the New Indexed Atlas of the World. Publication Info: Chicago: Rand McNally and Co., 1888.
Rand McNally and Company's Indexed Atlas of the World. Chicago: Rand McNally and Co., 1890.
Rand, McNally & Co.'s Newbusiness atlas map of Arkansas. Copyright, 1890, by Rand, McNally & Co. (Chicago, 1897)

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