Descendants of
 Rauley STONE (1801-1892) &
Tabitha PARSONS (1800-1870)

Updated: December 12, 2006

Rauley and "Tabby" moved from South Carolina to Jefferson County, Alabama, around 1833. In the 1850's, two of their married children moved to Ashley County, Arkansas: William Stone and his sister, Sarah Stone Waldrop.

While in Alabama, William and Sarah married Waldrop siblings, who were the children of Samuel Waldrop and Susannah Hamaker Waldrop. Most of the Rauley Stone descendant information provided here is for William and Sarah.

Rauley Stone Descendants: Grandson Jackson Van Buren Stone (1870-1968) and wife Anna Elizabeth Fidelia Riley Stone (1878-1954) (seated), great-grandson Robert Marion Stone (1893-1982) and wife Ruth Mason Douglass Stone (1896-1986) (top left) and great-great-grandson Douglass Van Buren Stone (1924-2000) and wife Grace Shurtleff Stone (1924-2001) (top right). Photo taken c1943 at the "Old Place" near Berea, Ashley County, Arkansas.

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