Descendants of
 James Cooper RILEY (1826-1882) &
 Elizabeth Ann DAVIS (1833-1910)

Last updated 6 June 2009

James Cooper Riley arrived in Ashley Co., Arkansas, sometime before 1850.  On New Year’s Day, 1851, he married Elizabeth Ann Davis and soon after settled near Berea, Ashley Co.  This family and their descendants permeated the Berea community, and were prominent figures in the Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

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Elizabeth Ann Davis. It is highly probable that this is a photo of Elizabeth Ann Davis. It was obtained through Perry Snell, who previously received it from Helen Wells. Any help in validating the authenticity of this photo is appreciated!

1850 Federal Census. James and Elizabeth appear together in the 1850 census of Ashley County in White Township (highlighted in light blue), just a few months prior to their marriage. James is a boarder in the household of Thomas Denson, who is thought to be an uncle of Elizabeth's.

John Rutledge Riley, Sr. and sons, about 1918. John Rutledge Riley, Sr. was James and Elizabeth's first child. From left to right: 1) David Cooper Riley (1892-1963), 2) Jesse Dean Riley (1890-1964), 3) Columbus Allen "C. A." Riley (1888-1962), 4) Joseph Patrick "Joe Pat" Riley (1886-1971), 5) John Rutledge Riley, Jr. (1884-1957), 6) Hunter Pryor Riley (1881-1967), 7) James Robert Riley (1880-1939) and 8) John Rutledge Riley, Sr. (1851-1927). Taken at the home of Hunter Pryor Riley in Montrose, Ashley County, Arkansas. Photo provided by John Rutledge Riley, Sr.'s great-granddaughter, Schatzi Riley.

Joseph Holmes Riley (1860-1921) and Eliza Thompson Riley (1870-1959). Joseph Holmes Riley was James and Elizabeth's sixth child. Photo taken between 1912 and 1916. Provided by Joseph's great-grandson, William Henderson.

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